Our Strategic Advantage

One of our great advantages is that we remain undistracted by other market sectors, our complete focus on industrial property ensures our clients, and their property portfolios, receive the attention they deserve.

It makes good sense that, when your investment strategy is centred on industrial property, you choose to enlist a property agency whose focus lies only there and nowhere else.

Your Interest Is Our Focus

Thorough market knowledge together with 100% focus on industrial property, makes National Industrial the partner of choice in Industrial property investment.

Not just a property agency, National Industrial are investment partners and as a result, take great pride in enjoying a high percentage of repeat clientele. We invest a great deal of energy into our client relationships as we believe that this achieves a greater satisfaction all round.

The Importance Of What And Who We Know

Through a strategic focus on Sydney's main industrial areas of Western and South Western Sydney, National Industrial has developed thorough market knowledge. However, our activity is not confined to this area and our expertise extends to a wide geography

Underpinning the National Industrial team is an expansive network of industry contacts. Our relationship with property owners, land owners, developers and a vast amount of other valuable industry contacts equips us with an inside edge that works for you.

When it comes to marketing, once again our knowledge comes to hand. We believe that maximising your result is as much about securing a cost effective marketing solution as it is about securing the best possible realisation on your investment. Our targeted database ensures that marketing reaches a qualified audience, resulting in reducing wastage of your marketing dollars and often, a much quicker and effective campaign.

Utilising Sophisticated Technology

Employing a sophisticated software system, National Industrial delivers up to-the-minute market updates and detailed property listings via simple client interface. Online services delivery is another example of National Industrial absolute client focus.

Outstanding client service and optimum results are the two driving forces behind National Industrials continued success.

Highly skilled, passionate, and knowledgeable the National Industrial team is committed to achieving sales and leasing results at a level of client satisfaction that are industry benchmarks.Unique to National Industrial, every sale and leasing negotiator is supported by a dedicated client service administrator, who like the sales and leasing negotiator, is available when you require assistance. This resource frees up the negotiators time to concentrate on negotiating a deal, while the administrative tasks are expertly attended to.

Market knowledge and expertise are applied to each of National Industrials core service areas, assuring you of optimum results and absolute satisfaction.